E-Gift Card Fundamental Flaw. Does Pro Fix This for $89 Per Month

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Does anyone else find this flawed?

If a customer purchases a E-Gift Card on line there is no where for the recipient info to be entered in. So the gift card only goes to yourself, (Is this a gift card now?)

You also cannot add a simple note for the recipient (Happy Birthday etc.) from your name.

Great system for an additional $89 like PRO.

What's your thoughts?



Shopify Partner
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Shopify gift cards are lacking some of the fundamental features like sending it to the recipient....

At Rise, we developed an advanced gift card & loyalty experience that will allow you to not only send the gift card but also add a personal note and schedule it to the perfect time.

You can read more about our solution here

check out our listing page, and feel free to contact me at info@rise.ai