E-Gift Card Fundamental Flaw. Does Pro Fix This for $89 Per Month

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Does anyone else find this flawed?

If a customer purchases a E-Gift Card on line there is no where for the recipient info to be entered in. So the gift card only goes to yourself, (Is this a gift card now?)

You also cannot add a simple note for the recipient (Happy Birthday etc.) from your name.

Great system for an additional $89 like PRO.

What's your thoughts?



Shopify Partner
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Shopify gift cards are lacking some of the fundamental features like sending it to the recipient....

At Rise, we developed an advanced gift card & loyalty experience that will allow you to not only send the gift card but also add a personal note and schedule it to the perfect time.

You can read more about our solution here

check out our listing page, and feel free to contact me at info@rise.ai

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I appreciate the fact that you have created an app for the gift card, But I feel that shopify should either fix the original issue or purchase your app. We already pay $79 plus $89 POS a month and this should be included. To add another $19.95 is crazy. That would put us at $188 monthly.


Sorry, but gift cards are a basic function. I'll gladly pay your fee if Shopify drops there fee $19.99.

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Shopify make money from of the app's

its in their interest not to include basic functions that are free and included any other platform, they could care less about you and me

I wish i looked harder before i choose shopify as my platform, but in time will more to a better one