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How to increase sales in online?

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Hi @sachirva,

Hank here from Shopify.

Without looking at your store, it is difficult to suggest what may benefit you directly. But if you were to reply with your store URL, I could take a closer look, but for now, I will give you some general feedback which will help you increase your sales.

Luckily there are many different ways to increase sales online, but it all starts off with your products, and how you are looking to market them. If you have previous knowledge of marketing that is great, but not mandatory, as there are many apps and guides to help out any store, regardless of your marketing experience.

  • After you have found a product to sell, you will need to find the right audience for the product to make sure you are aiming your marketing strategy in the right direction. We have a great article here about identifying your audience so you can cater your advertising towards them.

  • Another resource I'd recommend is the Kit app. Kit is a fantastic way to help promote your business on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and it will help to create an ad campaign that really targets the right audience for your store. I will introduce you to Kit in the video below. 
  • For a further dive into getting the best from your store, Shopify has a very detailed guide about boosting conversion rates that I would recommend taking a further look at also.

That is just the start of what you could do to boost sales for your store, but let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best, Hank

Hank | Social Care @ Shopify 
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When I start to research Shopify, these tips I felt it's very useful for me. I hope it can help you too.

    1. Incentivize customers via email to product they've bought ..
      -how to do this?
      -Set up Automated personalised Email.
      -schedule it for 2days of product Delivery.
      -Ask for Review & reward with discounts.
    2. Use A/B testing to optimize open & click through Rates.
      -how to do this?
      -Perform A/B test in one of these
      • Subject Line
      • "FROM" field
      • Email content
      • Delivery Time.
    3. Soften Those Deals that were just Abandoned..
      -how to do this?
      -Setup cart abandonement emails
      -Ask customers why didnt they complete their transaction.
    4. Reward your Most Loyal Customers.
      -how to do this?
      -Segment your customers by loyalty and target them with campaigns that are relevant to thier level of activeness.
      • Reward emails for those who spend 25% above average order value
    5. Reactivate Dormant customers with Personalized newsletters.
      how to do it?
      -Design an automated (event-based trigger)reactivation sequence with incentives for those who have'nt purchased anything with 12 months..

    6. Skip arbitrary,start being specific with free Credits
      how to do it?
      -Instead of offerring percentage based ,give customers point based or free shiping gifts.
    7. Make your transactional Email count
      how to do this?
      -Send personalized and branded transactional email including seasonally relevant items for cross sell.
    8. Get better at CRM by encashing personal milestones.
      how to do it?
      -Setup milestone Campaigns for birthdays & Anniversaries and send them before and on the d-day.

    9. Take your Email marketing beyond the Inbox
      how to do it?
      -Up sell and Cross sell products through social media through ads and peer recomendations

I collect some articles which I think it's valued when I research conversion rate. If you want them, send an email to me. I'll send them to you. 

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The more you focus on customer experience the more you can increase your conversions


Artificial Intelligence is taking over the e-commerce world day by day. In order to increase your conversion you need to get a step ahead of your competitors

Here are the few things that you can take care of


Customers today mostly don’t care whether they are working with a person or a robot to get their support questions handled. Companies today are reaping the benefits of advanced automation and improved customer experience, provide by the Chatbots.

Average wait time with a bot is less than 30 secs, which, when compared to an average wait time for a human assist, is 5 mins. Bots on an average are 20X faster to respond to a customer, as compared to a human agent.

While we at Synapse build custom solutions with bots, our learnings indicate, that business that comes with a clearly defined and established workflows, tend to improve and scale faster with Chatbots.


Personalization and Localization:

Personalization is the practice of creating a personal experience for each customer through tailored recommendations based on data such as search queries, browsing behavior, purchase history, and geolocation.

One of the significant benefits of personalization is that it can help increase businesses’ profits by 15%. This is partly because 75% of customers are most likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name and recommends products based on previous purchases. After implementing personalization, 93% of companies see a rise in conversion rates.



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I did a flare check on your website, you have 31 results indexed by Google. But your website has far more pages. So i would suggest getting your pages found by Google, Bing and other major search engines will be beneficial to you in terms of generating sales from organic searches.


You can submit your sitemap regularly to these major engines, or consider using a convenient tool like flare that offers many other major benefits.


Hope this was helpful.


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Follow these steps for increasing e-commerce sales:

1. Use a Personalized Call-to-Action

2. Write Clearer Headlines

3. Declutter Your Site Navigation

4. Optimize the Text Near Your Call to Action

5. Use Pop-up Offers

6. Add Ample White space to Your Site

7. Replace Stock Photos

8. Improve Readability

9. Prove Customer Satisfaction

For more information you can visit at https://www.ketsaal.com/

Hi @Hank  i read your full article and video.great tips.I will try them.i want to learn more to increase my sell. 

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In today’s world consumers have more places and ways to shop than ever and they also have increasingly shorter attention spans. So if you run an eCommerce business and want online shoppers to buy from you and want traffic on your site, you need to grab their attention quickly by attracting them towards your products and make their online shopping experience pleasant and easy.



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Hi @sachirva welcome to Shopify community 

1. Send abandoned cart emails: If you have lots of traffic and little sales due to abandoned carts so you can get lost revenue using abandonment email campaigns. There are many Automated tools for abandoned carts. They can help you increase sales and re-engage visitors to your site who have left. You can also send promotional emails to your subscriber's list.

Show off the products: People tend to rely on engaging visuals to help drive their purchases. Since online buyers do not have the option to experience your products in-person, it's important to draw them in with great product photos, and right now your images are of low-res and small. More on visual cues that can help make your store a better shopping experience can be read here.

Free shipping is the biggest enticement for shopping online. And I see that free shipping isn't an option right now. So either you can provide free shipping as Standard (normal delivery), and shipping charges applied for Expedited (faster delivery)| or you could provide free shipping for orders above a certain value. Either of these, it will help you get more sales/increase conversions. 

Adding product stickers/trust badges can help increase your sales by tapping into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency. Also having graphic and personalized stickers on products will help grab the attention of customers easily and nudge them to purchase.

I hope this helps!


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Wow! The replies to this thread are incredibly useful! With so many ways to optimize the store, it really can make a difference to know this sort of thing. What tools have you found useful? We have found a few that we really like our clients using on a regular basis (including our own!), but we would love to see suggestions for more options so we can help people get their stores rolling even more!

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