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Hello, I am a small one man business in NY state.  I run a website with online sales of digital files (boat plans) world wide.  I am registered for NY sales tax and pay that quarterly on any sales made within the state.  However I have never been involved in collecting VAT when selling to the UK and EU.  My sales are tiny - last month a little over US$300 into the UK and about the same into the EU countries.  I am thinking that if I am going to be required to collect and submit VAT on my sales on a monthly basis to both entities, then it is probably not worth my while and I should get out of Shopify and return to a basic website where customers contact me direct and buy using money orders or PayPal. 


Am I missing something, this just seems an impossible burden for one person to deal with.  Any advice appreciated.  I have been with Shopify must be ten years now.



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From what I’ve gathered you’re screwed on Shopify. There’s no options from them as they’re not a marketplace like Etsy. 

HMRC doesn’t seem to understand that there more businesses than small businesses who use marketplace and big businesses that have accountants, fulfilment warehouses, etc. They have told us to use an accountant which is costing thousands  

it’s really disappointing considering the huge drive they did to get small business off Etsy and on to Shopify. We were never on Etsy but many of the people I know are pushing their UK orders back through there as they are providing support and a solution. 

Hopefully someone from Shopify sees this and starts providing solutions.