Easily convert supplier inventory list into shopify format

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I use multiple supplier for my store and they send a daily csv file with stock updates. 
the issue I have is that they are in different formats compared to the shopify format and takes me a long time to reformat it and then upload the data on a daily basis.

Is there a script or software I can use to make this easier?

also is it possible to upload multiple images via the csv format?

Thanks in advance 

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You could also take this one step further and not just convert your csv files but also automatically push them into your Shopify store so there is no manual work required on your end. For new products you can also set how you want to handle them whether it is creating automatically or through us you can check and edit the product before approving it into your store.

We provide the custom mapping solutions and automate csv imports usually from an ftp location or manually dropping it into our platform. The mapping is then automatic and pushes directly into your store. It is a good way of keeping current stock levels as you can schedule it to run multiple times a day depending on how often you can get it off your suppliers.



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