Easy and Affordable Way to Handle Returns

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Returns matter A LOT in today's online shopping experience. Just do a quick Google search and you'll see that 88% of your shoppers look at your return policy, 66% do so RIGHT BEFORE checkout, 79% of shoppers expect free return shipping, 18% will ONLY shop at online stores that offer free returns. If you want your store to grow, a good returns policy and process is a MUST. At the end of the day, a good returns policy legitimizes your store (what big brand does not offer free and easy returns) and removes another layer of risk for your shoppers (let them stop worrying).

But, it's really often the last thing you think about when you're launching and growing your store. You could just not accept returns or make them pay for the shipping, but then you'll be losing a ton of customers. You could take returns at your home, but then what happens when you start scaling? Are you going to process and store thousands of returns? But, hiring labor and dedicating warehouse space or using a 3PL is really expensive...so now what?

Enter, Returneble, a new returns solution startup, that outsources your returns to the local gig economy affordably. They handle ALL parts of your return process for a flat fee per return package based on dimensional weight (e.g. t-shirts is $3, sweatshirt is $7). They have contractors stationed across the US, who will process and send out the return for you. No excess shipping costs. No labor costs. No warehouse costs. No 3PL costs. Immediate refunds and immediate relistings. Guaranteed 50% cheaper than any current returns solution out there today. Cancel anytime + 100% inventory insurance. 

So, now you can legitimize your store and grow your brand with a free and easy returns policy without worrying about how it will dent your margins or how to manage the influx as you grow.

Learn more returneble.com and email info@returneble.com to get started