Ebay will not disconnect from an old deactivated Shopify account

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Hi there,
I have a quick question. I created a Shopify account in September, but I deactivated it in favor of a new Shopify account. With this I had connected my Ebay account, but forgot to disconnect it from the account when deactivating the account. Now I wanted to connect my new Shopify shop to my Ebay account. However, Shopify tells me that the old Shopify account (einfachaufbewahren.de) is still connected to the Ebay account. I read in a forum post that you can undo this connection. I would be very happy if you could help me with this problem.

My old and deactivated Shopify account that is still connected to Ebay: einfachaufbewahren.de

The new account I want to connect: wreas.de

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Joachim Häßler

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Hi @012bzio ,

If you have closed your previous Shopify store then you can connect your new Shopify Store with an existing eBay account.  As the store is already closed so all the syncing process will be stopped. With the new store, you can start/enable the syncing for your old eBay account. 

Still, if you have a concern related to the same then you can change the credentials for eBay seller account, in this way you can disconnect your eBay account from the previous closed Shopify store, and with the new credentials, you can connect your Shopify store with same eBay marketplace seller account.  

In this way, you can manage an eBay account with a new Shopify store.

Hope you will find this answer useful!