Ecommerce best practices w/shopify

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Hi All,


A little backstory - I'm relatively new to Shopify, coming from Squarespace for 10 years, which was a mediocre experience and after building site for a couple months we decided to port information to Shopify so we could "sell".  Something SS doesn't do well at all.  Be warned! :) 

But they do make beautiful websites.  So, the best practices questions that I have are:


In Shopify it seems you only get 1 informational page.  You don't get two, three or 50.  You can't talk about Socks and Shoes on landing page and then go into the benefits of Socks on one page and benefits of Shoes on the a separate page.  And then link to bottom of those pages to collection pages.  I mean, I'm sure you can, but with coding, which is like magic to me.  And there are a lot of magicians out there, but not me.  

So, how do you handle these other informational pages that you want images and text and to have the same format and feel as the landing page?  I like to have a little information then at bottom link to shop.  I like to build the story which is part of the experience I guess. 


How do you handle navigation when it comes to collections without using some sort of collection with every product.  If you want these "pre-product" pages, pre-collection pages, how do you build that into the navigation.  If you use collections, and filter then it gives you a collection with a filter.  Clearly.  But when you get to that page, you can just hit reset filter and you get every single product in the store.  Which doesn't look good, doesn't feel good and I'm not sure how you prevent that kind of experience.  I want to filter from all products on these menus, but not have the opportunity to go to the "all" part of it. 


Is the only way to use navigation in this way to create a collection of every menu item term.  so like

Socks (#)

   Mens (#)

        Funny (it's own collection)

        Serious (it's own collection)




Socks (#)

    Mens (collection all - filter mens)

          Funny (collection all - filter tag funny)

          Serious (collection all - filter tag serious)

I ask this because it seems like customers can always get back to "collection all" easily, which isn't a stylized page -- it's just a listing of everything.  Which for some people may work, but for me, and we aren't talking real socks, it's not the experience I want.

Another part of the experience is good images.  I've searched at length about improving the quality of images, i've uploaded 6 different versions into the same product.  Some at amazing max resolution that look great on the landing page, but not-so-great, actually pretty terrible in the product page.  Is this a theme related issue?  Why can't we get good images, especially on zoom?  If I'm shooting with a medium format camera, why do my images look like a 1mp camera shot them?  I can style pages and have great landing page, but if clients go from landing page to product page, they're bound to be less-than-wowed.  How do you do visual justice to great imagery?  Light-box a better option than zoom?  Get site up and then use some URL's instead?  Can you replace the product images with images via URL?    Even over hover?

Which leads me to final best practice question.  So say you use these behind-the-scenes filtering techniques.  How do you hide them from the front end when you have filters pop up say in search and other places?  clearly although I have a tag that says "collection - all" I don't want to have a tag that someone can just filter all.  I wanna make sure they only see the "Funny", "Serious" kinds of tags.

So mostly my whole post revolves around the user experience and while SS was amazing at building how many beautiful text and images, links, pages you want, in Shopify what I've seen the only way to build more pages is by using an outside app like PageStudio.  I can't believe this is the only way?  But is it?  Do we only get one informational style page and the rest are collections or products or FAQ, Blog or Contact pages? 

Thanks for your thoughts and insight!