Edit Product Price While Manually Entering an Order

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We sell a lot of services.

Each Service is unique, they all have differnt prices.
All the orders for services are entered through the admin.

I need to create a Product that I can add to an Order and then enter the specific Price for that Specific Service.

I can't change a product's price after it has been added to an order, other than to give it a discount.

Right now we "add custom items" in each order.
But this method doesn't allow for tracking, or reporting which "Service" is ordered the most.

When we ran WooCommerce we could edit the price of a product AFTER it was added to an order.
We had one product for each service we provided, and just edited the price when an order was created.

Why can't Shopify do this?

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im having this issue too

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Need this too urgently. Mainly for b2b orders where certain clients receive certain discounts / set price rules for products.
Cannot  change  this  in  manual order section.
Need  this feature really badly.