Elias from Shopify's Risk Operations Team Cheated on Me the Second Time

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My store has been unavailable with no reason since the morning of May 7. I haven’t received an email about this and can’t log in to the admin account. I contacted the Shopify Support Team the first time ( ticket ID is 17400416) . On May 12, Elias from Shopify's Risk Operations Team reactivated my store with no reason. Paradoxically, it became unavailable again within 2 hours; I responded to this email the first time and after a whole day's waiting, Elias told me that he have reopened my store and, he apologized! I was told that this was a rare issue.  But stranger things have happened. My store became unavailable the third time within 10 mins! I replied to this email once again! On May 13, just two hours ago, I was told that my account was open again. Actually, it was not. I replied to Elias in a second and no reply for now. Anyone else can help me? I have up to 500 orders every day but my store is closed for a week with NO REASON. I am incredibly frustrated! It’s unbelievable that one day I woke up to see our efforts had vanished. 

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