Email Marketing in different languages

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Hi I want to setup email marketing in Shopify. I am using Mailchimp for sending email. I integrated it into Shopify using "ShopSync" app. I want to send mail in different languages based on customer browser language. For example, i am using Chrome with browser language selected as "English",i should receive email in english. But if somebody is using "German" language, the email should be received in German language.

I read through mailchimp articles and i saw this one.

So they say that we need to add "MC_LANGUAGE" tag to detect browser language. My question is that is there any way to send this tag from shopify to mailchimp?

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This is an accepted solution.

Looks like we found an alternative solution to that problem

Instead of detecting browser language, we added a "customer creation" hook from shopify and on our backend we are checking for customer country. Based on country, we add a new tag to shopify customer for desired language.
Then we added those tags to ShopSync app also so that they are forwarded to mailchimp also.
On mailchimp, we are filtering customers based on that language tag and creating different emails  for different languages.
I guess this solution could help someone in future because there is currently no way in shopify to translate "Marketing" emails.