Email deliverability issues: DKIM DMARC don't work for Shopify. Alternative solutions?

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I have set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC setttings on my domain name that is used for my Shopify site. The domain name is hosted by Namecheap though. And my email provider is Gsuite (google). I use mailerlite for email marketing. I used the recommended settings from Google.

When I ran DMARC analytics, I find that Shopify ALWAYS FAILS on DKIM and DMARC. Previous posts have suggested that Shopify doesn't support DKIM (!!!). My emails to my customers are going to spam.

I give up and accept that Shopify won't support DKIM since a long thread here has been waiting for Shopify to respond for the last 4 years! Kind of ridiculous that it is 2020 and there is still no support on an issue that is causing emails to go to spam.

So I am turning to you guys, the community. Please help me.

What are my options? Is there something I can do? Here are some specific questions:

1) What should I change on SPF so Shopify is included but does not mess with google email, if my question even makes sense? (Maybe it does not mess. Sorry, I am not too technical) My current SPF setting is v=spf1 ~all.

2) Should I remove DKIM completely? And if I remove DKIM completely, would google hate it or would it affect my email deliverability?

3) Anything else I can do?

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It turns out that this is now available, but just a bit hidden. I've just authenticated our domain and confirmed that emails are being signed by our domain!

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I don't have that option in my test store. In a previous role, I managed to get it working with the help of support. I am not sure this feature is available to all customers. Would be good to have some clarification to enable this for all customers.