Email notifications not being received by some customers


I've recently had more customers contacting me to say they haven't received confirmation emails for orders or gift cards. I haven't made any changes to my email settings but I have only just started using the gift cards.
It seems to be mostly hotmail addresses and a few random others.
Is there anything I can do about this? 

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Hi Guys, 


I've been struggling with this issue for good few days.

I causes loads and loads of people contacting our stores saying that they do not know if the order was received.

Some start to claim that we're scamming them - taking the money and not even sending order confirmation.


So I came up with a temporary solution.

I use Zapier to use a walkaround to send emails via a different server. Not Shopify.

That way I think hotmail is accepting emails as they are not coming grom shopify smtp or whatever.

I recorded a video here on what to do:

This video explains what to do so you can do it yourself.

For all the people who are not too tech savvy, I have a paid solution too.


Hope this helps

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Thanks for that idea, but I'd really prefer not to have to do a work around.

I consider it a basic requirement that confirmation emails get through to customers, and since we're paying Shopify every month, I'd hope they would realise it's a problem for lots of people and find a solution.

I was hoping they already had and someone can tell me about it, cos I haven't found it yet.