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Hi reader

How can I automatically bring the email address from a shogun form into the shopify customer list?

I want to motivate blog readers to sign up. As of now there is no seperate software or subscriber list other than the shopify customer list. So it is the basic, standard sign up process I am asking for.  There seems to be no way of inserting a sign up form within shopify. So I tried shogun. Shogun support says only shopify can help with an embed code for the form and list, sth like this


Any simpler solution (or without shogun) would be fine, too. I use shogun because I thought it would help me to do what I expect shopify to give me: the choice to create my own website. Now I have 30+40 USD per month and still not quite happy. I am not asking for yet another app, though.

really looking forward to your help

big thanks in advance


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Hello @chris214 

Colby here from the Shogun Customer Support Team!

The best way to add those submissions from a Shogun form element to your customer contact list in Shopify would be to export those submissions as a CSV file as seen here:

Once you have that CSV file, you will need to edit it so that it matches Shopify's CSV format for customers, but once you have done that you should be able to import that data into your Shopify admin's customer section as seen here:

As long as you are able to convert our form elements CSV file format into the format that Shopify's customer section uses, then you will be able to import that data in bulk!

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