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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. I've taken a look at your site and you've done some great work so far. I like the addition of the YouTube videos in the product descriptions. I've made some notes here that you could consider for your site based on my own experience on it: 


1) Downsize the logo and maybe place it to the left of your navigation, it is currently taking up quite a bit of real estate on your landing page


2) Definitely add some FAQs and a return policy (if there is one, and if not, state that). 


3) Maybe install some sort of instant chat feature, so anyone contemplating purchasing can talk to you in real-time. Seeing as you don't want to go down the social media route, this could be a nice way of establishing some instant communication with your customers. You can see the options available for this in the App Store: ( 


4) Why not put some testimonial excerpts on your landing page? Not the full transcript, but maybe some snippets of why these are the most amazing patches in the business. 


Overall, you've done a great job on the site. In terms of marketing, Facebook isn't your only avenue for marketing, but it would be incorrect to say it's still not a widely used source of traffic by businesses. There are alternatives, Google marketing for example. To really nail down what is the best marketing strategy for your particular niche, however, you should do your best to get inside the head of your customers, know their behaviors and interests, and pursue them down those likely fruitful avenues. What is immediately obvious is that you are passionate and knowledgable about your product, so this will be absolutely no trouble for you! 


Cal | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @Digital_Lad ,


Just had a quick pass over the site but some suggestions below:


- Reduce header size. When viewing the site from a laptop size screen the header shall take up ~50% of the screen real estate. Logo size is the biggest component here.

- There is a lot of text on the home page. I didn't really know where to look. If you can reduce the amount of text in the Robust American patches section it will help. 

- The color scheme is quite aggressive (Black and red). Most websites are going down a simpler route (white backgrounds) - this gives a professional look since it allows the user to focus on the content rather than background colors. 



- Andrew - Intelligent inventory finance.
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Hey again! 


That should be merged now, thank you for letting us know! 


All the Best,


Bo | Social Care @ Shopify
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@Digital_Lad wrote:

Hello and thanks for your reply Neha! I will definitely try to implement some of your ideas very soon. Sorry for the double post...The first time I posted it didn't show up. Now they are both showing up.

Thank you for your kind words. Happy to help you.

Were you able to download sparq?, You can get it from here. Let me know if you need any help.

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