Empire Theme & Ultimate Special Offers by Pixel Union

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I am using the Empire Theme and Ultimate Special Offers (USO) both products of Pixel Union. Love both of them but there is one major bug. USO creates promo codes based on what my customer place in their carts and what promotions are active in my shop at that time. Issue I am seeing is, some customers (mobile customers) are not getting their discounts when they go to check out. Pixel Union says my customers are not giving the discounts time to load in the cart before they proceed to check out. Don't understand why this theme/app combo would have an issue with load times in the cart. They also say I have too much loading in my cart that could be causing this. I've clean up my cart by minimizing what loads. No issues with laptops or desktop computers. Anyone else use these two together and have the same problem but more importantly get it resolved?