Employee Store Permissions - Limited Access Employee Can't See Payouts

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Hey there! I'm trying to grant my accountant the access she needs to correctly manage our finances. However, I'm running into permissions issues.

She's trying to access the Payouts (typically clicking on the specific order, scrolling down to the Timeline section of the order and clicking on the payout date in the line that says "$XXX.XX USD was added to your [PAYOUT DATE] payout." She has to be able to access these payouts to correctly balance our books.

However, unless I give her full access to the store, she can't seem to access it. When I provide limited access, it doesn't seem to matter which checkboxes I select, I can't get her access to the payouts unless I just give her access to everything. She's our accountant, so I don't want her to be able to touch anything except for the reports, payouts, dashboards and orders.

What am I missing? Why isn't this part of the available access levels... my finance person shouldn't be able to edit the dang theme.

Thank you.