Enquiries On Shopify Features

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Hi guys,

Apologize if my this post is not in the right section of the forum that I should post. I have tried so many ways to contact the Shopify customer support but their flow of getting to their contact form is just so stupid and no sense at all and there's no way I can send an email to ask any question. Therefore, I will try my luck here, hopefully you guys can help me out with this.
I have come across a website which is quite similar to what I wanted to do but I am not sure whether are they using Shopify platform to do it. Here is the URL : https://take.sg/
1) I would like to confirm are they using Shopify platform?
2) If you look at the body, Whatsapp Order Form for Small Business, basically what it does is anyone who have a business and wants to list their menu or services on the website, they are able to fill in the form with their shop details, price list, etc and that will automatically add their shop into the list of shops. After the shop owner have add their shop details and menu list, public users will be able to order from their desired shops through Whatsapp form too. Anyone know if that is a plugin or features from Shopify
Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon.