Error 404 after checkout

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Hi Everyone, 


I had 3 costumer complaints where they complete their checkout, their money is transacted successfully, but after putting in the otp, the website gives them an error 404 message instead of presenting them with a confirmation page. In all these cases, I do not receive their orders, and it stays in the abandoned cart section, but I do receive the money through my payment gateway. These cases have happened at separate times, and I have had successful orders in between the failed ones. 

Shopify support have given me mixed answers each time, but no solution, and my payment gateway told me that since they were able to complete the transaction, I received the money, they were redirected to my website, and the error was presented on my website, then it has nothing to do with them. Specially that there have been successful orders in between the failed ones, so that goes to show that they are directing to the correct website.

Has anyone else experienced this, and were you able to resolve it? 



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I am having the same issues. It seems like Shopify is not taking responsibility for this issue. I spoke to my payment gateway provider and they have raised this issue with shopify as well with no response.