Error Message - International Shipping Zones, United Kingdom, no provinces appearing?

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Hello All!

I am based and am shipping out of, the United States. I have been shipping successfully internationally, including several times within the last month to the UK. However, today when I went to tweak my shipping rates and zones I got the error message screenshotted below which wouldn't let me save anything else on the 'manage and zones rates' page until I removed the UK from my international zones entirely. 

I'm not seeing a drop-down menu under 'The United Kingdom' for any sub-zones or provinces. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is it something Brexit-related?

Any help provided would be much appreciated so that I can reach UK customers again.

Thank you!

UPDATE: I gave it a few hours and tried again and the issue resolved itself! The regions are appearing again under the UK and I was able to add it back to my shipping zones.

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 3.33.05 PM.png