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I need to create Quotes "Estimates" for our products and services for insurance providers; which once approved I would then convert to an invoice. Is there a feature that can be added to Shopify to do this?

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Hey, @Lise_Dallien_Ma

Tira here to help.

I recommend creating a draft order in your Shopify admin, which will create an order in your Orders list in the admin. You can add discounts or custom line items to this order and you can send an invoice from the draft order directly to the customer. Check out this thread (Create A Customer Quotation) in our Shopify Community that explains how you can create a draft order to create an invoice. We also have a help doc where you can learn more about creating draft orders here. Once you create a draft order, you can share a checkout link with your customers so that they can checkout.

I would love to know if this helps!

Tira | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I have done that in my Shopify website

Shopify by default, is not setup for this kind of products.

It was quite challenging to do it in the most cost efficient way since I had very limited fund to spend on back then. 

My products fall into one of two categories;

- Out of the box software where there is a set price and I did not need to modify anything. example

- Other products that are actually services and should be quoted first. example

What I did was:

1. Set the product price to $1

2. Create a new product template that doesn't show price or the buying buttons and I added to it the way to communicate.

3. Make these quoted products to use the newly created template

4. Create draft orders using the quantity to make up to the agreed fees and sent it to the client.


There are few more tweaks that I had to make since I don't sell any physical products. Specially with the shipping address that is required in the checking out process. 

Let me know if you want to walk you through what I have done.

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Thank you for the information! I will play around with this and see how it
works for us. Cheers!
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If you're looking for an app that can turn draft orders into quotes, I recommend Invoice Falcon. It took me a couple hours to find it.

You can follow the app's setup, and then basically create any draft order that you want, adding customer data and products, and you can click to turn that into a Quote pdf instantly which is really nice. It let me add my logo to the quote and display product images on the quote too. 

They have a very serviceable free version. 


We work a lot with schools, so we have to send an estimate or quote for them to generate a PO.  Does the Invoice Falcon plugin do that?