Ever decreasing contrast in admin design

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I'm pretty sure more contrast and shading has just been removed from the admin control pages on various sections today. Is this part of a longer term branding update to completely remove any contrast or colour from the backend? 

It's becoming harder to distinguish between sections on various pages and areas if you keep removing colour and shading and only rely on very feint box shadows and thin borders. 

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I AGREE. It is getting so light you almost can't read it. The fonts on the product listing pages seem to be getting lighter all of the time. also. What is with this? I keep wondering if it is my computer, but other sites look okay. Also makes the pictures have less contrast. Besides being a royal pain, isn't there some requirement that sites have to have a certain amount of readibility for the sight-impaired?  Even the forums are getting hard to read.

Anyone know of an adjustment we can make on our sites to change this? Don't really want to change the computer settings since other sites seem to be okay--it's just Shopify that seems to have the problem.