Excited about Shopify and Oberlo but shipping time lime puts me in trouble 35 days to UAR

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I was very excited to start my shopify journey once created my store. After downloading Oberlo, I have come to know all shipment is going to take 35 days to reach UAE from Chine. How I will satisfy my demand. Is it worth to wait till 35 days for product? I am depend on e commerce now and need answer about how we can make it faster delivery in UAE or Gulf countries using Oberlo.. Please some one guide me. It will help me to decide about this module. 


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Simple answer, don't use it. Buy the products beforehand. You have to remember not all the products are the same quality as the sellers on oberlo suggest.

This method is also so over saturated you won't stand out. You will eventually fail like the other 99.99%.

Be unique, find your unique product in your chosen niche, brand the product. Buy a test product, then buy a small amount to see if they sell. If they sell then great! buy more stock.

No one wants to wait >2 weeks now. It'll just kill your stores reputation

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