Exclude Certain Collection Handles

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I'm trying to modify a breadcrumb menu.

{%- assign first_collection = product.collections[0] -%}

After a bit of research, i realize that this is going to pull in the first collection alphabetically, However...I want to exclude a couple of collection because they appear before the ones that I want since it is in fact, alphabetically. It would be great if i could just ignore these/filter them out by id or handle name however nothing is currently working. I read up on using the {% unless %} tag for something like this but had no luck. Here is what that snippet looks like currently

{%- assign first_collection = product.collections[0] -%}

{%- if first_collection.handle != blank -%}{

{- first_collection.title | link_to: first_collection.url -}}<span class="breadcrumbs-sep">›</span>

{%- endif -%}

I want to exclude the collections with the handles/id's "full-kit" and "rigs"