Exclude some sub-pages so other app (for example) laravel can be used

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Currently I want to generate some dynamic pages in my shopify store bases on data I have in my Laravel application. Right now
my shopify domain is on (example) https://mydomain.com. I want to use my Laravel app on https://mydomain.com/application. Is
this somehow possible? Can I configure this in shopify? (I don't want to use a subdomain).

I can't find anything on the web regarding to this subject. Please
let me know if this is possible. 



One way to do this is to create a Private Shopify app to add the API code you want to be dynamic and set up the link to connect to your store.

If you need my development assistance to do this or need a more advanced solution, please let me know or email me at LMPTechSolutions@gmail.com.