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Hi everyone,

I'm planning to start a Shopify store (dropshipping). Found a niche, found good products for that niche, found supplier.. everything...
And today I found that somebody else is selling the same product from the same supplier (Aliexpress suplier (imported trough Oberlo for example...)). Also, they have the store in the same niche as my niche would be... 
So the question is: Can I open a store and sell products freely? Without any problems or DMCA claims? The website design would be complitely different, but product images could be the same, also targeted potential customers will be the same...

So... Can they take down my store or something because I'm selling same products as them (same niche...), also they are established with more than $50k  in sales monthly..

Thanks in advance.

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Hey there!

Trevor the Guru here, 

When picking products through Ali Express you wouldn't need to worry about infringing any copyright laws as the images and products are for public use. The rights to these products are that of the supplier and not the drop shipper that is using them, so the other store wouldn't be able to process a DMCA takedown. 

All in all, since the products are coming from the same supplier and through Ali express you should be good to go!

Feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support if you have any other questions!

All the best, 

Trevor M

Shopify Guru

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