Existing businesses Beware - Issues with Shopify Risk Team

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This is going to be a little long post. No one is helping so i have to turn here:

Let me give you some context:

We are an eCommerce Bussinuss based in Lahore, Pakistan. Have been running Shopify brands Since 2016. We do 6 to 7 Figures USD Yearly in Revenue.
All Thanks to Shopify. We never had a bad experience 

Few days ago we were launching two new brands

We applied for Shopify payments it was taking quite a while to get approved. So by the help of our business partner in Germany we got stripe accounts registered for our brands as stripe is not available in our country but is available in germany.

Our Team was working on it listing new products. One team member messaged that both of our Shopify stores are down.

On 4:33 PM i received an email:


Janelle here from the Risk Operations Team at Shopify. We are writing to you in regards to your account allouttools.myshopify.com.

Unfortunately, Shopify Payments is currently only available to merchants and their companies that are based in, and operating from certain countries. You can find the up to date list of available countries here.

Upon review of your Shopify account, and the details that you have submitted, we will regrettably be unable to provide you with access to the Shopify Payments gateway for your store. It's frustrating for us to have to turn down good businesses, but Shopify and Shopify’s banking partners must ensure that we're abiding by both USA and international regulations.

We are working hard to expand Shopify Payments’ availability and hope to make it more widely available in the near future. I hope we can win you back once the Shopify Payments gateway is available in your region.

Your Shopify Payments account has been automatically disabled, and you will no longer be able to process payments through the gateway. Rest assured your remaining payouts, for orders processed, will be sent per the normal payout schedule to the bank account on file. This does not affect your use of Shopify, which you can continue to use.

While we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, you will need to select a new payment gateway in order to continue selling on Shopify. We understand that changing your payment gateway can be a major adjustment, and we are here to guide you through this process as best as we can. There are many options to consider, however we recommend either:

  • EMB, a payment gateway which integrates directly with Shopify and supports your product base. More information is available here; or

  • Authorize.net may also be a solution for your business, all information can be found here.

For a complete list of integrated payment gateway options available in your region, please have a look here.

Changing payment gateway can be tricky to navigate and we're here to answer any questions you may have about anything in this email. We'll be your best point of contact for everything mentioned here, so we recommend replying back to this email directly. Our Support Advisor team is great for solving more general questions you might have, but when it comes to this we'll have more context and information.

Kind regards,
Risk Analyst | Shopify"

I was confused that Disabling of our Shopify Payments is fine. Why is our stores down that we worked so hard on designing and listing products. That we were ready to launch.

I replied to that email informing that we are arranging new payment processors and we already got a stripe account by the help of our business partner in germany. 

I got the reply next day from risk team to date which stated:


Unfortunately as previously mentioned, your product base and order patterns present a level of risk that we are not willing to support. As a result, we won't be able to offer you an account with Shopify.

Risk Analyst | Shopify

I got really confused. The earlier email i received mentioned that you can switch to another payment processor while Shopify payments cannot be offered at this moment.

On the follow up we received a total different response.

We were listing Generic Hardware and Tools products on our (All Out Tools) Hardware and tools Brand
And Hobby and Sports Products on our Hobby and Sports Brand.
It does not seem to me the products were an issue. We didn't got a sale as well yet on the stores as we were getting them ready to launch.

I replied to that email 4-5 times without any response. I waited... and waited...

After that i reached out to chat support. 5-10 Times they all told me to reply to that original email for this to be resolved and the stores to be reactivated.

I again replied to the original risk team email. Without getting any response.

Shopify has created a system where this team is essentially not accountable to anyone, and no one has any way of disputing anything a computer flags.

I have no idea who to turn to at this point. I had been an advocate for Shopify and the ecosystem to many of our business friends since 2016 up until this point, but this has really soured me. I think we may need to look to migrate already, and not because of the fact this happened (I understand issues arise, and they are trying to protect themselves), but how it is dealt with after the fact is what it concerning. You have a situation where made the stores inactive, and I can't get a clarification email for 3 days; that is simply unacceptable after I send over 20 emails, and 6 phones calls after almost an entire business week. I now, after dealing with this team fear reprisal in the form of them just shutting down our stores; my only hope is that someone who actually has the power to do something about this sees this.