Expanding to another country

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Hi there


I do see lots of questions around this same question, but i can't figure out the exact answer. apologies for any duplicated answers.


I'm running my store on basic plan in New Zealand. I am going to be launching in the UK and have a fulfilment service fulfil the orders. I have added the UK as a second location which is great, i can update the inventory as available. 


Now i want the store front to pick up whats available in each location. So if a customer logs on from the UK, i only want the products in the UK to show as available. I mainly sell using a bundle builder app as well so it would need to talk to this too. 


I am not apposed to getting a new domain, im really after a step by step guide to what i need to achieve this please. I know what i need, i just don't know how to do it or what to even search for in the apps.


Thanks so much in advance