Expanding to another country

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Hi there


I do see lots of questions around this same question, but i can't figure out the exact answer. apologies for any duplicated answers.


I'm running my store on basic plan in New Zealand. I am going to be launching in the UK and have a fulfilment service fulfil the orders. I have added the UK as a second location which is great, i can update the inventory as available. 


Now i want the store front to pick up whats available in each location. So if a customer logs on from the UK, i only want the products in the UK to show as available. I mainly sell using a bundle builder app as well so it would need to talk to this too. 


I am not apposed to getting a new domain, im really after a step by step guide to what i need to achieve this please. I know what i need, i just don't know how to do it or what to even search for in the apps.


Thanks so much in advance

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Hi there! Congratulation on expanding your UK market.

It looks like you want to differentiate your UK market from your New Zealand one, but only show products that are available  at UK warehouse to your UK visitors, and show NZ customers only the products available at NZ warehouse. In this way, it is better you run two different shops serving different domains, for example, exampleshop.co.uk, and exampleshop.nz. In this way, it gives you the best flexibility to control differences of products, prices, currencies, shopping cost, stock availability etc. 

Additionally, between your two shops, to prevent your visitors getting lost and enhance visitors engagement, boosting conversion rate, you may auto direct visitors to correct shop URLs. For example, you may use Geo Targetly. With its Geo Redirect tool, it detects your visitors locations based on IP and auto direct them to correct shops. You can set up different location rules associated with corresponding URLs within a few steps. No code is necessary. Shopify platform is supported. If your visitor is in UK, and clicks exampleshop.nz, it auto directs him to exampleshop.co.uk, and brings only available UK products to him immediately marking with local price currency.

Hope it helps!