FB Ads Losing $$

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Hey guys,
Lavishful here, changed my product on august 1st and from then on i saw a drastic change from 0/1 sales up to 1/2 then 2/3 and eventually getting 3/4 sales a day (only spending 50 on fb ads) a day and making back 80/90, now i up my budget to 70 on my ads and i’m back down to 0/1 sales a day!! losing money on a great store and product, (lavishful.net) if u wanna check it out , and anyone who is good with fb ads let me know why this may be??? thank u guys for the prior help i hope this receives help too :)!
Thanks Guys,

What's the impression share of the audience? What's the frequency of the ad over the past 7 days? These two metrics can indicate ad fatigue. What is the audience?


You cannot just vertically scale (increase ad budget) and expect performance to follow.


On top of that, your budget increase was likely too great (above 20%) and it reset the learning phase.

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