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I was having an issue with my items showing up in my FB shop. So my idea was to disconnect it and reconnect it. 

Now I get this with no further explantion.

"After a requested review of this commerce account, we confirmed that it doesn't comply with our Commerce Eligibility Requirements, so your shop isn't visible to potential customers."

Can anyone help me resolve this? My shop was fine before I deleted it.

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This is a Shopify feed issue, it's been know for at least a year but they still haven't fixed the issue. You'll likely notice on the Facebook side its not communicating properly which will lead to indefinite Commerce account suspension. I was able to link it to Shopify after the same issue arouse from Google Merchant except they will allow you to fix the issue, Facebook not so much because the automated system is what is flagging you and doesn't exactly notify the support staff on their end, during my talks with Facebook support they aren't seeing my account as suspended but note there is a feed issue but on my end it shows as suspended. I wish I could give you the answer but it comes down to Shopify has to fix it on their end, I would reach out directly to them instead of community.

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Hi @SynneLuna. Having the same issue. Were you able to solve it?

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Same here, anyone able to solve this?

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Same Problem, did someone solve the issue?
Would appreciate an answer.

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Having the same issue!

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I've also been having this issue for several weeks now. I've even deleted & reinstalled the Facebook channel from my Shop and unlinked then relinked Shopify to my accounts, neither of which have yieled any results.


Even after I followed the steps listed below, I requested a review from Facebook




I received a message that they've reviewed and confirmed it doesn't comply, but with no additional information or even next steps.



I'm thoroughly confused by this because I simply have an apparel brand I'm dropshipping through Shopify, nothing controversial at all. If anyone has encountered this issue and found a solution PLEASE let me know. At this point I am not able to run conversion ads, which my business depends on.

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I am having the exact same problem, I would like to have Shopify's input for this

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As of today January 30th 2021 it seems the issue hasn't been resolved.

If this is a truly Shopify communication issue (as suggested by the first respondent) does anyone know who (within Shopify even though they are FB) I can contact to bring this to their attention?

I am already dissatisfied with Shopify with their repeated 'Server Error' messages on a daily basis while I manage my site causing me to loose information and valuable time. 

I am considering just deleting my FB business account and stick with just having a website...to many road blocks...to much censorship. 

Thanks guys and I wish us all luck in resolving this.

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I've also been having an issue with this. It's SO frustrating.

When I try to publish a shop on FB Commerce Manager, it keeps saying, "After a requested review of this commerce account, we confirmed that it doesn't comply with our Commerce eligibility requirements, so your shop isn't visible to potential customer".

Getting in touch with Facebook is proving to be useless as well. I feel like I just keep going around in circles!!