FROM ONE MONTH NO SALES second month started

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Hi guys i am using shopify from one month and the second month is started now and still have just one sale on my store i have used so many software for run the shop but its not working i have spent  about 30 pound last month and this month is charging me 36 pound for using ads application and fees of shopify . shopify community please help me out and give some promotions for my store or my money back because i have lost my money and time i will be so thank full to you of showing me bad ideas of business

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I have a few ideas:

1. Niche your branding / audience targeting. Your tagline "We offer best products with great quality and reasonable prices." is a generic statement that doesn't evoke emotion. It sounds like you're trying to compete with Amazon, that's a REALLY tough battle because they're already built up customer trust and a large catalogue.

2. Consider your brand's purpose for existing. Is it to make money selling products online? Or is there a purpose / specific value your brand offers to the world. If you can't identify your unique selling proposition, spend some time figuring that out and coming up with a strategy on how you'll be different than a general shop.

3. Create an engaging about page with personality and display the link prominently. People want to know where they're buying from. This is where you can develop an emotional connection with your audience. Give them a reason to buy from you.

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