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Hi there. My name is Jason and i'm rather green when it comes to this stuff. So i apologies in advanced.


I have a store www.snowyswarehouse.com.au and we have engaged a SEO company. They are wanting our CSM login and our FTP login. This is so that they can do some work on the site and get the SEO up and running. I spoke to someone at Shopify tonight and they said that they don't have or use a FTP, but instead i need a API? How do i find this API? Is it something i create and where would i find the CSM?


Thanks community!



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Hi Jason,


You can find out about the API here: https://help.shopify.com/en/api/reference


To be honest (and blunt), if this SEO company has done work with Shopify before they would have already known this so I'd recommend steering clear of them. There are a bunch of agencies/freelance developers that are already familiar with Shopify who can help with SEO here: https://experts.shopify.com/services/marketing-and-sales/seo-and-paid-search/optimize-web-pages-for-...


HTH, Gavin.



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