Fabric Store Inventory Incremental/Fractional units

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Hello, I have a Shopify eCommerce site Stache Fabric and Notions, www.mystache.ca and we sell fabric off the bolt.

Shopify only has incremental purchase units in whole numbers for inventory qty.  ie 1,2,3,4.

We are trying to find a reasonable way to change the increment scale to fractions.  ie .  or  .2.5, .5, .75,1, 1.25   etc as we sell fabric in less than 1 metre cuts. 

On the ecommerce site we have described the units within the product description as 1 = 1/4m, 2 = .5m, 3= .75m, 4 = 1m.  

The unit price is setup as the 1/4 of the metre.

Has other fabric stores or other products stores selling fractional units have similar challenges?

I cannot afford several thousands of dollars for some of the independent developers solving this issue.

I'd appreciate any feedback or approaches that could work as we are looking to migrate to a Shopify POS system as well.