FaceBook Suggested Videos in Ad Set Up

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Hello Everyone,

I have been preparing my store and following the videos that feature Jessica Guzik as the host. There have been a few areas where her screen shots differed from the ones that I was seeing on my computer as I worked along with the video. I was able to find what I needed by trial and error.

However, working on a new ad set, "Initial View Content USA", in the Ads Manager she instructs me to check only 2 boxes: Facebook News Feed and Facebook Suggested Videos. The problem is I don't have the Facebook Suggested Video check box. Here is the link to her video: https://course.oberlo.com/products/oberlo-course/categories/1369668/posts/4786118  Go to the 13:42 mark on the video. Here is a screen shot of my computer:

 Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 4.33.25 PM (2).png

Also, I noticed that my target audience "potential reach" dropped in half after making the initial changes to the Feeds. That may just be the nature of it.

Please help me if you can.