Facebook Business account restricted from advertising

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Hi everyone! I need HELP massively! I have no idea what to do as I feel that I've run out of options and I get the runaround. 

This has to do with Facebook Ads and Business. 

I have been using FB Ads for years and have never run into this issue.  I have used FB ads for my coaching practice as well as my other e-commerce stores (those are now closed) with no issues until now. 

Now, I have been restricted from Facebook ads and I have tried everything to find a solution but I keep coming back to square 1.  Here's what happens. 

1. When I log into the business account and ads manager, there is a blazing red sign that says I've been restricted from advertising.  

2. There are a few "options" at this point.  Off to the right there's a box that says, "what you can do" and gives you the option to request a review. There's also an option to see your account status overview. 

3. So if we look behind door number one requesting a review, you only get three tries to request a review and then you get the runaround like I have.  Apparently, I requested three times and that's a strike you are out.  In my opinion, their directions are confusing. They always refer me back to the community guidelines which I don't believe I have violated. (Heck, I haven't used my ad account since October 2020 and in March, they restricted me without any notification?) 

4. So for me when I go click the option to request a review now that I'm not able to after three tries, I see a blazing red box that says, "Identity Confirmation Failed" with options to select to move forward.  So when I select any one of those options regardless of what it is, it brings up a box that says I need to confirm my identify first which there is no option to do.  So, I'm stopped right there.

5. Let's go back to the second option - see your account status overview. 

6. This takes me to a pop up that wants me to go through a checklist and overview of the "account issues." So you click get started and it takes you to the account issues section.  Where you see two tabs (options): outstanding and resolved. I have three outstanding and no resolved. 

7. So, I click on the account that has the restrictions on it and it takes me back to the same screen to request a review, which I can't do because I ran out of three.  

8 So, I contacted support and had a chat over messenger with them last week and they said that many people are having this same issue and it would be resolved "soon."  I wanted to check the status again yesterday and went to look on contacting support through chat again and there are no options to, unlike before.  Just an FAQ which takes me back to square one again.  

So, the object of what I am trying to do is simple. All I want to do is connect my shop to Facebook and utilize Marketplace and instagram. I really don't want to to use the full on FB ads feature.  I have never had my account restricted and have used it since 2016 - I follow all the guidelines and make sure that I am in compliance.  

Furthermore, I am the only one that has access to this account, meaning I am the only admin and it won't even let me as admin do anything.  This is so frustrating. 

Is anyone experiencing this now or in the past? Any idea on how to reach FB support chat through a direct link or something? 

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As you said, You already request review for 3 times & Get rejected. That means, Your Advertising access PERMANENTLY Restricted. There is no way to get it back. But I have an alternative solution for you.

I will suggest you to use another Facebook account( friends/family members). If you can't manage it. Then contact me. I will manage an ID Verified fb account for you.