Facebook Commerce Account Not Approved

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Hi, can someone help me?

I have a previous commerce account that checkouts from Facebook and Instagram and it was working before. When I started connecting Shopify to Facebook, the commerce account can't now be approved due to " it doesn't comply with our  Commerce Eligibility Requirements, so your shop isn't visible to potential customers."


I already asked for a review and they said the same thing. Now I wish to use the in-Facebook Commerce Account but I can't delete my unapproved Shopify Commerce Account. I can't sell on both Facebook and Instagram because of this.

Did someone has already fix theirs with the same problem before?

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there is a lot of reasons that may lead to this, but don't worry it still possible to get this fixed, all what I will need to help you is to check some settings inside your account then I will able to help you get your account approved for shopping and of course link it with both facebook and instagram so you can tag your products there.

but before we gonna need to schedule a meeting in Zoom, there you will be able to share your computer screen with me so no passwords is required.

please feel free to contact me here:

Email : info@mbial.com

Website : https://mbial.com/contact

WhatsApp : https://wa.me/212687513267

Fiverr : https://fiverr.com/nour1eddine