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Hey Everyone,

I am trying to add links of all the images to the Facebook product feed (we use Flexify). This way we can pick which image we want on Facebook itself - depending on which campaign we run. Does anyone know a way we can automate this? The closest I have come is editing the additional_image_link field in the bulk editor, but this means the images can get outdated really quickly as it's just a text field?



Hi vandijckske,


I use DataFeedWatch to achieve what you're trying. The automated rules make it easy to maintain your Facebook product feed (as well as Google Shopping). You can pull in whatever product images you want into the additional_image_link field, which is good for customising dynamic product ads and using their slideshow feature.

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My name is Romchy, I am with the support of Shopify Product-Feed. This is a service that will solve your tasks of synchronizing your shop Shopify with advertising services Facebook Shopping, Google Merchant Center aka Google Shopping, Instagram Shopping, Yottos AdLoad, Pinterest.

I recommend using Shopify Product-Feed - Facebook Google. for flexible advertising campaigns with dynamic ads and with multiple images in the product. To solve this issue, this application has the necessary functions.


If you need a file for dynamic remarketing, in the category you choose to generate a feed with all the products.

If you need only a specific category, generate a new file only for this category.



If you have more than one picture in the product in the store, they will also be in the generated in the upload file in this application.

Here you will find information that will help you:

This is the main thing that you have developed your marketing strategy, after that it makes such files as you need. This application allows very flexible in this!


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