Facebook Events has not being triggered sometime

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Hello There,


I have installed FB business pixels using one-click Shopify account setup feature. 


After integrating FB Business account with Shopify. I had run an audit and found add to cart and initiate checkouts are not always fired when respective actions are triggered. For AddToCart, it seems that it only works for the first time, i.e. below code only gets called when the team performed the first 'add to cart' on a product page.

Add to cart not triggeredAdd to cart not triggered

For InitiateCheckout, clicking on 'BUY IT NOW' the event is always fired. However if I clicked on 'PROCEED TO CHECKOUT' from the bag, it only works for the first time, i.e. below code only called for the first click.

Initiate Checkout not triggeredInitiate Checkout not triggered

The code for AddToCart and InitiateCheckout looks alright. And its implementation is the same as ViewContent yet ViewContent is working properly. Since the implementation is done by Shopify, I am not able to find the cause of the issue purely based on page source code.


Please let me know what to do.