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I'm currently trying to install the FB pixel and coming up against a few issues.

  1. When I installed the pixel using the Shopify Integration option (instead of manual) it didn't seem quite right. I followed the instructions - the correct pixel was connected via Shopify, set to Maximum data sharing. A few days later it was showing Page View and View Content as recent events, but when I used the Test Events tool in FB, it was not showing any events as I browswed the site (I have used this tool for other websites, it should show instantly the events captured). I also have the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension enabled and this was not picking up on the pixel at all.

  2. When the pixel was installed with the partner integration, in the Events Manager there was one View Content event which had fired since install. I looked at the parameters and everything looked correct except for the Content ID. When I compared the Content ID in the Facebook Product Catalog, it's actually matching the Item Group ID. These are two different IDs. The ID captured in the pixel when a user views a product page, should match the Content ID in the catalog. In this case it does not which would affect remarketing.

  3. I moved on to installing the FB pixel manually in Shopify, by pasting the base code in the Head. This actually works. When testing the pixel in FB under Test Events, I could instantly see Page Views as I browsed. Also the Facebook Pixel Helper in Chrome was picking up that the pixel was live (which is quite an important feature). This however is just the base code. If I want to capture events such as View Content and Add to Cart, and also capture custom parameters such as Content ID and Price, it will take a lot more work with a manual setup.

In summary, the Shopify partner install of the tag is my preference. But as the Test Event section on Facebook is not properly picking up on all events, the FB pixel helper does not pick up on the tag with this implementation method and the Content ID captured does not match, I'm concerned this is not going to work, despite fully following all Shopify help resources.