Facebook Shop Not Available to Some Customers

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I have had my Facebook shop enabled for a few weeks and several of my staff and customers can see the Facebook Shop without any problems, however there is a significant number of others who cannot.


I've verified the shop works across various browsers, PCs, laptops, phones and tablets. I've cleared out browser caches and cookies, used Private Browsing sessions in Chrome, Firefox and even Microsoft Edge. They all work fine for me but for a colleague (and others) they receive the "Sorry, this content isn't available right now" message when they click on the 'Shop Now' button. They also report the 'Shop' link doesn't appear in the left-hand side menu on Facebook.


I have followed the advice in this link but it doesn't seem to have solved the problem for all visitors to the Facebook page.


I'd really appreciate some help with this as we're delaying our launch until this is resolved :(


Many thanks!