Facebook Sync has stopped syncing - have tried many fixes

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Hi there - we have had our Facebook catalog connected to our shopify successfully for a year or so and then suddenly it stopped syncing. I have been in contact with support to try fix this problem but it always a case of waiting 48/72 hours.


After trawling through the forums and seeing other people's fixes we have tried various fixes with no luck. We have tried disconnecting / reconnecting. Unpublishing and publishing all products back. Waiting 48 hours etc etc.

I have just tried this as well - 528819 as I thought that perhaps it was something to do with caching but the catalog just keeps stopping.


My urgency on this is that most of our leads come from tagging in Instagram and without the facebook catalog connected it will not link up. I am just reaching out to the community in hope there is something else we have not tried? The catalog is sitting at 35 products out of the 700+ odd products we have. 


One thing I did notice is that in "Product Details Issues" the list has some pages where no items are shown at all? I was wondering perhaps these particular products are causing the problem - (can't figure out what items they are though!) (There are products on either side of this screen grab). 


Thank you in advance.


Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 2.55.45 pm.jpg

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I've got exactly the same issue. Support stated they are working on it, but this is two months now with no fix. We have the same 5 products stuck on Facebook shop no matter what. Nothing new will post, and these will not be removed. Have same issue with the product issues except our count is 38 and no details of which products.

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Same here.