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Hey everyone! 


I hope everyone doing well. 

So, basically I am just starting my shopify store and as I made my website live and then entered the domain url in facebook , they blocked it by giving the reason that my website have violated their community rights. I checked their community guidelines and literally found nothing that I may have violated. I saw many other people having the same problem. I tried everything I could, tried to contact their support team several times but no one ever responded until I realize that there is literally no way that facebook would ever respond to me.


So, Is the only option left for me is to change my domain name or is there any other way out there that can help me solve this problem.


And if changing domain is the only option left, so is there any shopify expert here who can guide me how should I delete my shopify managed domain from my account ?


Here, is the link to my site: http://www.comprosystem.com/

 I would really appreciate if any shopify expert out there responds to it quickly and help me get out of this problem real soon!



Thanks in advance.

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same problem for me as well!!


i really don't know what i can do for this problem! even i start ADS and I'm not getting any benefits from this ads as i cant share my link in facebook!!