Facebook Verify Your Pixel Is Working Correctly

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Hey all so I'm on Facebook ads at the moment and am trying to setup a Facebook pixel, I've entered my Pixel ID number in the settings on Shopify and have saved this but when trying to "Verify Your Pixel" on Facebook ADS it gets to the Verify that your pixel is working correctly stage and I'm entering my url as it's displayed in my domains section and it's coming back as red saying No Activity Yet,

I have even installed the Facbook Pixel Helper, and ths pixel helper displays my pixel on the website but, I still receive  a:

No Activity Yet
Last Received: Never

on the Facebook "Verify Your Pixel Is Working Correctly" page.


Anybody able to help?


I have displayed ad blockers, tried usiong Google Chrome, and even waited for a day two days to pass. 

Please Help 

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Hey man,


Just wanted to piggyback on this thread.

Also having the same problem, this is extremely frustrating.

I've checked a bunch of places online and it seems like a lot of people are having this issue.


Can anyone help us with this issue please?