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I have bought a Shopify store about 3 months ago with the idea to start my own business and support my family. Just like everybody else that has bought a store from Shopify, I also have the desire to become financially free and give my wife and kids the life they deserve. Since then, up to now, I have spent money - I do not have – buying apps and dropshipping guides and, and… to try and better my store and earn an income. Money I also dishonestly took from my small income, lying to my wife about why I need it and what I want to use it for, just to try and get my business off the ground and make a success of myself. I go to work every day for twelve hours and then come home, have my dinner, then I sit and work on my store till late at night before I go to sleep. I miss my family. But, I thought that this is a little sacrifice I have to make, to make my dream a reality. And then three months later, up to about two weeks ago, I still have not managed to launch my store and no income whatsoever.

Two weeks ago, I saw an ad from Dropshipping Brands, offering a pre-built Shopify store. With this store, I can start making sales thus earning an income within 24 hours. I decided to take some money and invest in this pre-built store to see if I could successfully launch a store for once. After all this, the only thing I still needed to still do was to create a Facebook ad. I opened a Facebook business account for my new store with my new email and a new domain name. Then the most disheartening thing happened. Facebook decided to disable my account! And the best thing of all is, I have not even done anything on my new Facebook account yet. I feel so broken down and sad because I have put so much time, effort and money into trying to start my own business, just to unfairly hit a brick wall. Please do not tell me to put in an appeal to Facebook, because I did and up to now, not a word from them. With the research I did, about getting my Business Account activated again, I read that a multitude of people doesn’t get any reply from them. It feels like Facebook just stomped on all my hard work and my dreams.

Look, I know that my story is just another old story – the old cliché – but sir, madam, this is my life, this is my family’s life and we do need it. Please help me realise this dream and help me fix this or advise me on what you think I should do? Please?