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Hi all,
I’m still pretty new to all this so any help would be great.
So I recently advertised on Facebook and although it wasn’t very profitable it was getting a fair few visitors to my site, the link click was 0.06p which I think is decent. I tried to just resend this add but I couldn’t work out how. So I then just redone the same add but now when I do it says I need to remove all E.U countries because of WhatsApp ads, I don’t even know what this is and it didn’t come up when originally advertised to E.U countries. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Thanks so much


Hi toffeeman,
It is around a year ago, WhatsApp faces EU taskforce over sharing user data with Facebook
Facebook was fined £94m in May for providing misleading information about its 2014 takeover of WhatsApp. It had said it could not match user accounts across both platforms, but then did precisely that.
WhatsApp’s additional “notice to EU users”, published in August this year, does not “sufficiently address the issues of non-compliance with data-protection law,” according to WP29, which considers the issue to be of “utmost importance”. The group said that Facebook’s pause in data sharing “for the purpose of improving Facebook products and enhancing targeted advertising” must remain in place until the issue of “unambiguous, specific, informed and feely given” consent is resolved.
Please read more term for WhatsApp Regsinligting for EU Country GDPR of Facebook:


So if you are targeting the E.U countries in your campaign you need to remove it or you can eliminate the WhatsApp ads.

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Hi oscprofessional,
Thanks so much for you reply, that answers it perfectly. I’ll just have to remove the WhatsApp ads for now.