Facebook and instagram has mistakenly spam flagged my website, new domain didn't solve the problem.

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My shopify experience has been a struggle. Buying two domains has led to them both being flagged in Facebook due to an algorythm that blocks all sexual suggestive content, including domains with words such as "booty". I am selling womens leggings. After struggling a lot to clear my webpage with facebook, their customer support is so bad (didn't respond at all) that I took it in my own hands to buy a brand new domain without being suggestive of ANYTHING in the domain name. Setting that domain up on instagram and facebook worked, finally i could redirect customers through my new domain. I still had my main spam-flagged domain as main URL, but used the new domain to redirect. BIG mistake! New domain also got flagged as spam, and the redirect doesn't work any longer. I suppose i should have removed the old domains from my shopify account first, but alas, Facebook pixel won't work on website, i can't add products to catalog on facebook. Because the new domain is impacting "community standards". Checking microdata debugger is states: "This link goes against our community standardsPlease either change the URL or contact the account manager to whitelist it."  https://business.facebook.com/ads/microdata/debug?url=https%3A%2F%2Fsprbty.com%2Fproducts%2Fpush-up-... 

I'm at a loss. I have removed ALL the old domains from shopify and disabled all redirects. The url i could add to instagram and facebook has again been disabled, and you can't access them through facebook. I guess facebook has marked my .shopify domain (which i can't remove or change) as a spam page, and it seems that any new domain would conclude the same, and that link would also be disabled as spam. Does anyone have any idea what i can do? Do i need to create a brand new shopify account, store, facebook page, instagram? I have already paid my 30Dollars for my store, ads on instagram and facebook, reviews, product automatisation system... Thanks in advance.