Facebook business and Shopify catalogue integration

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Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me with this issue!

I'm going to manage Facebook advertising for our shop, and really want to use the features that is provided when you have a catalogue connected to your ad account. But it is like the catalogue that has been previously set up (and is running fine both on Facebook and Instagram for organic purposes), dosn't connect properly.

When I try to connect an ad with information from the catalogue, the catalogue simply dosn't show so I can choose it. And when I through the catalogue want to create an ad, it only shows that it's possible to promote it from my personal ad account and not from any of the accounts I'm managing (picture below).



So yeah, it's like the catalogue and the ad account isn't connected.
Any idea why this can be - and how I can solve it?


As I mentioned, the catalogue shows up nicely as a store on our Facebook page and on Instagram, it just can't connect with the ad account. Is this because I wasn't the one that set up the catalogue to begin with, but am the one that created the ad accounts?


Thanks you so much in advance, I'm crossing my fingers that someone has experienced the same thing, and knows how to fix it.