Facebook - commerce account Not aproved Error with Facebook

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I was told the same thing so I've reached 100+ followers and there's still error messages appearing 

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this shit pissed me off 


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Having the same issue, but mine says that the products have been rejected because of dynamic ad poli... know what that might mean? I’ve read ALL of the policies and I don’t breach a single one. And I’ve run fb adverts with some of those exact products!? It’s nonsensical!!! I’m losing it, I’ve spent WEEKS uon this AND now I can’t even link my IG  to FB product catalogue, it doesn’t show up and says to ‘make sure I’m an admin’ ?? I am!! This is awful

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After a couple of months of frustration and back and forth we received the good news from Facebook this morning - an email stating that our Commerce Account was approved after review. Our Commerce Account was rejected right in the beginning when we were setting the store up, with no specific reason stated. After numerous attempts to understand the specific "violation" of Facebook policies we were told that the issue was that the Facebook Page "was not trustworthy" and we needed to gain more followers. We started a campaign to boost the page. We kept contacting Facebook and asking for a re-review and it finally paid off.

Here's what worked for us:

1. Keep it calm and stay professional in your communication with Facebook, their support concierge team is genuinely trying to help - it's a large organization with billions of users.

2. Consistently communicate with Facebook; in our experience, not all support agents are created equal - some provided nuggets of useful information to explain the situation and what needed to be done.

3. Work on improving the quality of the Facebook Page and the Instagram account; make sure all business information is correct and complete; Ensure the products syncing with the catalog do not include anything disallowed (Facebook did not allow gift cards in our case).

4. Do not fall for offers to help with the account - only you can fix this issue by working closely with Facebook.

If you are truly not violating any policies and are not in any shady practices, then the account will eventually be approved - I read some horror stories in forums that the approval has been taking many months, or some were even proposing a workaround of changing the domain names. Follow the above recommendations and you should be fine.

Hope this helps. Good luck everyone!

Below is what we received as a recommendation from Facebook Concierge Support:

Your business and accounts on Facebook or Instagram may have been associated with previous policy-violating activity. You can review those decisions (e.g. ad disapproved, page unpublished, community standard violation) and, if you believe that any of these previous violations were mistakenly flagged, you can appeal them individually by checking these pointers below:

With this being said, let me go ahead and manually review this on your behalf together with my team. I'd like to thank you for your tremendous understanding and patience while we are in the midst of checking on your concern.

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baiid:  When did you actually file your appeal?  I mistakenly filed one right when I got the initial rejection and determined that move to be a death sentence to my Facebook Shop.  I was courteous and professional with everyone I dealt with and provided numerous screen shots of clean screens, but never got past the initial level of customer support... I worked with 9 or 10 different ones over the course of 3 1/2 months.  They all had access to the same help screen.  I eventually learned that you get one appeal.  If unsuccessful, no matter what you do, you will not be approved.


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Not impossible but very less chance you will get approved. Happened to me. You just need to keep trying support and eventually will get to the right person. Took me 4 months 

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Has anyone had any luck at all with this? My shop was also denied. I can no longer appeal. So I tried to go into my commerce manager and delete everything and start over, but they won't give me the option to delete it. I have tried for months to contact FB with no response and no help. So finally I decided to make a brand new Facebook account and Business page to start over, but they shut it down this morning for violating community guidelines. I sell landscape photographs. Not sure what guidelines I am violating. So now, I am really screwed. I cannot link my store at all to my IG. I cannot promote my IG because I can't make an ad. I cannot create a new FB page because they will just shut it down. Oh and to top it off, my Faceboook business page has my business location in the the South Atlantic Ocean. Are there any other platforms out there that do not have to deal with Facebook to promote your store on Instagram? It's really a bummer because I had to close my physical shop last year. Like many small businesses I had to go online. The majority of my sales comes from Instagram and from advertising on Instagram. Facebook controls Instagram. Facebook apparently controls Shopify. So small businesses are suffering because Facebook doesn't care about small businesses.

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Hello everyone. 

I apologize for not answering all of these. I can only tell you a bit about my story and such. My store was approved. But it is a tad weird. 

For years I had had a FB page for my art. I am a mixed media abstract artist. The page was under my own name or tbmcdonellart. But I then started using tags for Leap4artNC. This doesn’t require anyone to know how to spell my last name. And it makes it easier for people to locate me. Besides my art I sell things made from my art, mostly made by Fine Art America. 

That store under that name changed to Leap4artNC LLC was never approved. So I started a page or group called Tommy B McDonell Leaps 4 NC Art.

I put all my same things on and I created bogus SKU for my own fine art  This was then approved with some errors to be fixed.

However under google I do have a google business whatever but google didn’t approve it through FB. 

Instagram hasn’t approved it because it says it doesn’t go to my website with the same name.  Actually the website is closer to the name than the other one because Shopify said the Url couldn’t have 4 in it  (I own a url with .net that has the 4.

However be careful what you wish for.  Last year during the pandemic I made much much more money just doubt simple ads and not having Shopify.  

FB ads are weird. Valentine’s day my ad said At Leap4artNC we believe that Love Makes the World Go Round. This wasn’t approved when they claimed it was false advertising  when I changed it to We Believe in Love it ran  but it was too late for people to get Valentine’s Day things.  

I think Shopify is too expensive and I am not happy with it or with FB  Instagram has become a video site to me  

as a sideline to my life I have MS which has progressed! 

my advice is to write FB and deal this way  keep applying  I applied more than 5 times and by moving it and being more specific (boringly so) I was approved  

Hope this helps. I do read posts but I just don’t have time to post  


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What your problem fixed? I am getting this message and I cannot connect my facebook page to my shopify store neither I can add the store to instagram. I sent the email you advice hopefully thye response.


How did they respond to you? how fast? Did they just fixed it or guide you to fix it yourself? 

Account reviewed
After a requested review of this commerce account, we confirmed that it doesn't comply with our Commerce Eligibility Requirements, so your shop isn't visible to potential customers.