Facebook followers seeing posts "[Shop name] added an item to their shop"

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Same Issue for me with a client.

Hopefully facebook rolls out a fix or perhaps someone knows a work around to turn this off?


Hello to everyone,

just a quick update: of course after turned off generic updates, nothing happened and this annoying situation still stand.
I then opened a ticket in the "Facebook Concierge Support" and I'm currently having emails exchange with them in order to understand if there's something they can do about it.
Honestly I'm not so confident:  I underlined more then once this is an automatic feature from Facebook but they asked me to perform a screencast for showing them what I do when this "bug" appears.
The latest reply from them is I submitted the request to our Internal Team in order for them to have a further look of the case. We will keep you posted for updates.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted as well...it won't be quick for sure!



So, after days of emailing/screencasting and more I've eventually received an answer from Facebook:

Hi Elia,

Thank you for contacting Facebook Concierge Support. My name is Abby and I'm replying in behalf of Kevin about the Case ID: 264853335109020 about automated post that is being created in relation to item updates.

We wanted to let you know that this half, Facebook is testing various ways to help people discover Shops and products on Facebook.

There are several ways we are doing this:
We are showing people suggested Shops and products in News Feed. Upon click, people will land on the Shop storefront or the product details page.
When a Shop adds a new product, we might show followers of that Shop the added product as a unit in News Feed. Upon click, people will land on the product details page of that product.
When a Shop adds a new collection, we might send followers of that Shop a notification to check it out.

All these are being tested throughout the half and your Shop could be featured in some of these units.

I would like to thank you for your patience as we worked on your concern.

We will proceed to close this ticket now. Thanks for your tremendous understanding and patience while we are in the midst of checking on your concern. You may receive a quick automated survey via email and it will be evaluated based on the service provided by the related agent only. Please do not hesitate to find our best support via facebook.com/business/help (https://facebook.com/business/help) for future inquiries.

We look forward in making your journey with Facebook better.

Again, thank you for contacting Facebook Concierge Support. We wish you and your business well. Have a great day!

Warm Regards,

According to them, we're a selected list of Facebook business pages that are currently under test for some new features!!!
It seemes so not related to Shopify.

I then asked to them to be removed from that test list, not sure I'll be so luck...

I'll keep you posted in case of any future updates from my end.


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Having the same issue here. Page updates is disabled and has always been. FB not replying. Now it seems to be flooding followers' feeds with different product variants, in my case baby clothes sizes, not just S, M and L. 

What an absolute abomination. Bye FB channel.

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I am having the same issue which is so annoying as it's very spammy for my followers and considering getting rid of FB channel all together. Has anyone figured out any solution around this?


Hi @Elena22 ,
probably you're in my same position: our Facebook accounts have been flag as "test account" and, according to Facebook, this is the reason of these unwanted posts (take a look of my latest post in this discussion).

Facebook support team says there's no way to unflag our accounts to be test account because we accepted their policy where it's reported our accounts can be randomly selected by Facebook for testing new features.

I hope you can get more luck then me.


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Hi Graham,

I don't see 'Page Updates' under my Business Page Settings. These are the only options I see

screenshot 1screenshot 1screenshot 2screenshot 2

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What else is new... Now Facebook also posts by itself when I tagged 2 products products this morning, after the fact!!! Total 3 posts on my timeline instead of one. Of course, still can't find how to STOP this. Charming. I wish somebody woke up over there and mind their freaking own business and let us mind our own. I'm seriously thinking of removing my shop, it's becoming such a pain. You now have to be careful with every move to make sure they won't turn off your own followers. How stupid is that. But I'd like to keep Instagram shop though, works pretty well. I wonder if you can remove FB shop and just keep IG? I suppose since some people might only open IG shop and not FB, right?

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Did you find out how to stop this from happening? I 

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I tried something and it seemed to work because I didn't see the Facebook post of the item being added to my Shop. You can try and see if it works for you too.

1. Go to the product on your Shopify admin page

2. On the right-hand-side column under 'Product Status', click 'Manage'

3. Untick 'Facebook'

But I think this also means that you can't tag this product on your Facebook page. And I guess we all have to decide for ourselves which is more important --> People seeing the item added to shop vs not being able to tag the product on Facebook